The tales of Generic(Gender)!

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The Tales of GenericBoy Generic(Gender)

It was hh:mm when the phone rang.  Generic(Gender) answered it with his or her usual greeting:  “Hello, this is Generic(Gender) speaking.”

The voice on the other end seemed to have emotion.

“Hello, Generic!  I was meaning to speak with you.  I have a question to ask.”

“Go right ahead and ask,” said Generic(Gender).

“Would you like to attend my gathering in the near future?” he or she asked.

Without doubt or hesitation,  Generic(Gender) stated, “Of course.”

The time passed before the gathering was to take place.  The shadows changed length.  Generic(Gender) could sense something amiss.

Without prior notification, an enourmous event occurred that changed the course of Generic(Gender)’s proceedings.  In light of the occurance, Generic(Gender) ruled it imperative to to become the figure of hope for all, which he or she then did swiftly, overcoming the obstacle with such success that Generic(Gender) became known to those in his or her general proximity as a person of generally moral character to be remembered for a time.

Generic(Gender) made it to the gathering at the specified time, having overcome the problem in a timely manner.  A person there heard of what Generic(Gender) had done and became the individual of Generic(Gender)’s dreams.

Then a good majority of them survived in a better-than-average state until they no longer lived.