What was I here for?

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Ugh, I can’t remember what I was here for.  My calendar just says I’m supposed to be here to meet someone.  I guess I’ll just wait over here with you.  I don’t think I know anyone else here.

Anyway, did you see that new film with what’s-his-face?  He was in that other one with that hilarious guy–you know.  Anyway, I’m pretty sure it will get an Oscar.  If it doesn’t, you know there’s something wrong with that system.

Speaking of awards, did you hear what happened at the Emmys?  My goodness!  Who would even think of doing something like that.  People these days have no sense of decency, I tell you.  No sense of decency, indeed!  To turn it into that kind of show, and then pretend that everybody thought it was funny?  It’s that sort of spectacle that makes me lose all respect for an artist, you know?

Oh, and that reminds me… I need to lend you a new album I bought the other day.  It isn’t my favourite, but as a whole, it comes together really nicely.  And track number 4 is basically the best thing that has happened to my ears since the same four chords were introduced by that other popular artist last year.

Can you believe that it’s been an entire year since we took that class together?  Every once in a while I see our professor at Wal-Mart or something, but I never know what to say to her.  I despised her for assigning the most ridiculously complicated labs.  She seems like a nice lady outside of class, but I don’t even know how to talk to someone who made me lose an entire semester’s worth of sleep.  You know exactly what I mean, though.  Unbelievable.  Some people just don’t understand what it’s like to be a student.

You know who’s really oblivious?  The pizza guy just down the road.  He is so self-absorbed that he looked at his reflection in the glass three times the last time I was there, yet he didn’t even say a single word to me!  Can you believe it?  How do you go through life without even acknowledging other peoples’ existence?  What is wrong with him?

I suppose that’s how most people are, nowadays.  We really can’t help that.

Oh, I just remembered what I’m here for!  Ha!  I completely forgot.  My friends set me up on this blind date.  They said it was someone I would recognize, but they wouldn’t tell me anything more.  We were supposed to meet by the big plant with the red–oh, it’s right here!  I wonder who it is.  I guess we’ll see!