I voted.

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Today has been fun so far. By fun, I mean nauseating. By nauseating, I mean in the literal sense.
I stayed home sick yesterday. I work for the Hamilton County Health Department and have been spending time in one of the clinics setting up computers, so my “should I stay home” threshold is lower than most jobs I’ve had. I didn’t feel well all day, but I figured if I didn’t get any worse, I’d power through today.
I wanted to vote on my way to work (the only time I had available to vote), so I stopped at the Collegedale center just after it opened and waited in line for FOREVER (okay, it wasn’t as bad as all my big city Facebook friends) first time I’ve ever had to wait in line in this district).I voted sticker
Just as it was my turn to get a ballot, I was completely overwhelmed with nausea. Like, looking for the nearest exit kind of nausea. But I had just waited for 20 minutes for this opportunity and wasn’t going to let a spinning room and flash fever keep me from wasting my vote! So I pressed my interminably cold hands to my face and breathed deeply. I will not puke. I will not puke. The lady handing me my ballot started apologizing profusely for how long it took her to find my name, and I realized I probably looked like I was about to jump across the table and tackle her, so I mustered all my strength and forced a reassuring smile and dismissed any notion of impatience.
I didn’t puke.
What caused my illness? Was it the list of awful candidates before me? Was it some bug I picked up while our delicious, clean, disease-free water was shut off at my apartment this weekend?
Regardless, I made it. And I probably voted for all the candidates you personally despise. I’ll even list them here so that you can direct obscenities at me. But I voted. Then called into work and drove home.
Johnson/Weld (Libertarians for Pres/VP)
Shekari (Democrat for US Rep)
Gravitt (Republican for TN Rep)
I’m happy to defend my choices in case you need an outlet for your election day anger. My only friend is this porcelain throne I’m intimately acquainted with today (I feel like we’ll be doing a lot of hugging).