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Try our new and improved Insta-Sick Ultra, a nearly invisible product you can find at your local college!  With millions of carriers worldwide, Insta-Sick Ultra is one of the most talked-about products this year.  You can sign up today for free by simply interacting with the people around you.  Yes, it is that simple. BUT WAIT, THERE’S MORE!!!  If you think that the highly communicable Insta-Sick Ultra is not ultra enough, we’ll throw in Uber-Insta-Behind-In-Homework 3.5 for free!  That’s right, every product in the Insta-Sick line is guaranteed to make…read more


The tales of Generic(Gender)!

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The Tales of GenericBoy Generic(Gender) It was hh:mm when the phone rang.  Generic(Gender) answered it with his or her usual greeting:  “Hello, this is Generic(Gender) speaking.” The voice on the other end seemed to have emotion. “Hello, Generic!  I was meaning to speak with you.  I have a question to ask.” “Go right ahead and ask,” said Generic(Gender). “Would you like to attend my gathering in the near future?” he or she asked. Without doubt or hesitation,  Generic(Gender) stated, “Of course.” The time passed before the gathering was to take…read more


Bad poet

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In the spirit of wonderfully bad poetry introduced in Robby’s blog, I shall now attempt to make all English majors’ eyes bleed with my horrid writing.


I sit in the computer lab
thinking that my life is fab.
All the while I hit “tab” on my keyboard.
My life is actually drab, and I’m bored.

The white cinder block walls stare at me.
(They must have eyes, but I can’t tell because they are completely white, as cinder blocks are supposed to be.)
The lights are too bright, but I can change that.
There’s this thingy on the desk that can change that.

My computer monitor on the right is the wrong resolution,
making my eyes wander in revolutions.
But my shift is almost over,
making me more lucky than if I had gone out into the field behind the gym and found myself a green four-leaf clover.