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I voted.

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Today has been fun so far. By fun, I mean nauseating. By nauseating, I mean in the literal sense.   I stayed home sick yesterday. I work for the Hamilton County Health Department and have been spending time in one of the clinics setting up computers, so my “should I stay home” threshold is lower than most jobs I’ve had. I didn’t feel well all day, but I figured if I didn’t get any worse, I’d power through today.   I wanted to vote on my way to work (the…read more


Past posts

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I finally got around to importing some of my favourite ancient posts from (the featured image is the original front page; here’s the final room2593 front page) and glory days to my new blog.  I tried to import the comments intact.  That was a struggle, considering the formats go back to whatever version of WordPress we had in 2008.  I also had to update a few of the posts to reflect new websites and to clarify things now that everyone’s blogs are separate.  I imported comments from other…read more

Am I driving less aggressively or something?

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I’ve tracked my fuel consumption using wonderful Android apps since mid-2012.  I’ve never missed a fill-up in that time, during which I have owned 2 cars and borrowed one from my parents.  I have gathered some very interesting statistics, some of which are rather surprising. Firstly, this is a chart from my latest car, Maxine, my beloved 2003 Nissan Maxima SE (automatic, unfortunately…).  I can explain the drastic spikes and troughs pretty easily:  spikes are during long (10-hour type) trips where I travel along highways at 60-80 mph the entire…read more


The 29th fundamental belief*

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We, as Seventh-day Adventists, affirm that we have room to grow. Our ideal is to live as closely to biblical principles as possible, but we recognize that, though the Word contains no error, our own interpretations of the Word are subject to human error. As part of the Remnant Church, it is our duty to continually study and correct our path. A ship’s crew cannot simply bolt the rudder and sails in place and expect the ship to carry them directly to their destination. Like good seamen, it is our…read more


having or showing a lack of ability to learn and understand things

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The thing about music

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Early on in Genesis, before much had a chance to happen, humans already completely ruined the amazing world God had created.  So much, in fact, that he destroyed the world.  He sent a flood and wiped out all but a faithful few.  He sent a rainbow to promise that he would never do something like that ever again. Well, he also did something rather interesting to ensure he wouldn’t regret his decision to spare the world from another cleansing. (Genesis 11:1, NASB) Now the whole earth used the same language…read more


What was I here for?

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Ugh, I can’t remember what I was here for.  My calendar just says I’m supposed to be here to meet someone.  I guess I’ll just wait over here with you.  I don’t think I know anyone else here. Anyway, did you see that new film with what’s-his-face?  He was in that other one with that hilarious guy–you know.  Anyway, I’m pretty sure it will get an Oscar.  If it doesn’t, you know there’s something wrong with that system. Speaking of awards, did you hear what happened at the Emmys?  My…read more


The man in the doorway

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I opened the door and saw a half-naked man in front of me.  Well, at least the half I could see was naked, and I can’t really speak for the other half because I quickly averted my eyes. “Put some clothes on!” I yelled. My mind went back to the exciting first few days.  I met my new cellmate.  We had quite a bit in common, but nothing to talk about.  He only lasted about four months.  He was moved to a different cell block. I remember the first time…read more


The age fallacy

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They say we should respect our elders.  I have no problem with that.  But I will not show anyone respect that uses condescension as a persuasion tactic.  You think I’m selfish?  You call me a sociopath?  Yes, I will certainly listen to your obviously superior rhetoric.  You think I’m too young to have beliefs?  That I’m somehow inferior to you because my opinion differs from yours?  Guess what.  I still have a vote, an equal voice.  You think I stole a vote from your candidate?  I didn’t realize it was…read more


Public restrooms: public enemy numbers 1 & 2

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When you need to go, the last thing you want to happen is to be assaulted by the very facilities you trust with your discreet business.  Unfortunately, with the state of today’s technology, assault has become a commonly employed method for moving people through quickly, allowing businesses to decrease the number of stalls necessary for a given number of patrons.  It makes business sense, but it doesn’t make business sense.  (Yes, Robby, that was “pun-gent”.  So was the title.  So is the subject of this post.  Punception!) Automatic Flushing Are…read more