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I voted.

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Today has been fun so far. By fun, I mean nauseating. By nauseating, I mean in the literal sense.   I stayed home sick yesterday. I work for the Hamilton County Health Department and have been spending time in one of the clinics setting up computers, so my “should I stay home” threshold is lower than most jobs I’ve had. I didn’t feel well all day, but I figured if I didn’t get any worse, I’d power through today.   I wanted to vote on my way to work (the…read more


Comcast… GRRRR

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I now officially hate Comcast.  Except that they do have really fast Internet. We got Comcast cable high-speed Internet at the beginning of the summer.  John signed the contract, and Tim and I paid him.  This was working out until our second month, when John mentioned that he still didn’t have the first bill.  So, he called Comcast.  They said he should get a new bill within the week. The next week, without the bill, John called them again.  Turns out they had the wrong address (John may have said…read more


Epitomy of convenience

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Robby has been looking at Adventist college campuses across the U.S.A.  He noted that the church is located directly adjacent to the hospital at Loma Linda, and that if your loved one was dying, you could simply walk next door to pray in a sanctuary. I, on the other hand, thought of another reason it was a good idea.  If you were at church and the sermon lasted too long, you could simply walk over to the hospital when you started dying. This is the epitomy of convenience.  What will…read more