Curtis Prevo

I voted.

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Today has been fun so far. By fun, I mean nauseating. By nauseating, I mean in the literal sense.   I stayed home sick yesterday. I work for the Hamilton County Health Department and have been spending time in one of the clinics setting up computers, so my “should I stay home” threshold is lower than most jobs I’ve had. I didn’t feel well all day, but I figured if I didn’t get any worse, I’d power through today.   I wanted to vote on my way to work (the…read more


having or showing a lack of ability to learn and understand things

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The age fallacy

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They say we should respect our elders.  I have no problem with that.  But I will not show anyone respect that uses condescension as a persuasion tactic.  You think I’m selfish?  You call me a sociopath?  Yes, I will certainly listen to your obviously superior rhetoric.  You think I’m too young to have beliefs?  That I’m somehow inferior to you because my opinion differs from yours?  Guess what.  I still have a vote, an equal voice.  You think I stole a vote from your candidate?  I didn’t realize it was…read more