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The 29th fundamental belief*

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We, as Seventh-day Adventists, affirm that we have room to grow. Our ideal is to live as closely to biblical principles as possible, but we recognize that, though the Word contains no error, our own interpretations of the Word are subject to human error. As part of the Remnant Church, it is our duty to continually study and correct our path. A ship’s crew cannot simply bolt the rudder and sails in place and expect the ship to carry them directly to their destination. Like good seamen, it is our…read more


The thing about music

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Early on in Genesis, before much had a chance to happen, humans already completely ruined the amazing world God had created.  So much, in fact, that he destroyed the world.  He sent a flood and wiped out all but a faithful few.  He sent a rainbow to promise that he would never do something like that ever again. Well, he also did something rather interesting to ensure he wouldn’t regret his decision to spare the world from another cleansing. (Genesis 11:1, NASB) Now the whole earth used the same language…read more


In response to “In response to the recent depth”

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I said that I could take the metaphor of Comcast even farther.  I shall. God doesn’t like automated systems.  He wants to speak to a real human.  He doesn’t like that we keep ignoring him.  He’s tried every route except “discontinuing service”.  He’s thought about it, but he can’t stand the thought of leaving us.  We don’t even give God a way to bestow on us the simplest of blessings (not even an automated credit card phone payment system, in case I’m too vague).  We advertise all over that we’re…read more


In response to the recent depth

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My fellow bloggers have taken a recent turn to posts of religious depth.  People have been commenting, response-posting, and thinking a lot.  This post is in response to solitarytellurium’s comments on a post by my good friend Robby. I want to be closer to God, but at the same time, sometimes I just feel like letting go of everything. I want to live, and I’m afraid living isn’t good enough. I want more. I feel incomplete – like there is a vital part of me that isn’t there anymore. I’d…read more