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Copacetic is a good word.

I was watching “The Mentalist” last night while eating my CK enchiladas, which I decided are not too bad, when Robby came in the room.  Not twenty seconds later, somebody on the show said the word “copacetic”.  Robby loved it.

Today, Robby figured out where he first heard the word.  It was in the movie “Catch Me if You Can”, a very good movie.  He couldn’t remember the name of the character, though… “he’s… the… DaVinci’s father?….”

I, of course, immediately was thinking of Tom Hanks’ father, because Tom Hanks played the cop in the movie “Catch Me if You Can” and the main character in “The DaVinci Code”, a very stupid and worthless movie.  However, that whole line of thought made no sense because Hanks did not have a father in CMiYC.  So, anyway, I asked Robby about it.  Turns out that he meant Leonardo DiCaprio (Frank Abignale, Jr.).  And his father was played by Christopher Walken of “more cowbell” fame.

The main point of this is to remind you how awesome the word “copacetic” is.  A subpoint is that it is awesome that DaVinci means two things in reference to CMiYC.  Another subpoint is that Robby is hilarious.