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I finally got around to importing some of my favourite ancient posts from (the featured image is the original front page; here’s the final room2593 front page) and glory days to my new blog.  I tried to import the comments intact.  That was a struggle, considering the formats go back to whatever version of WordPress we had in 2008.  I also had to update a few of the posts to reflect new websites and to clarify things now that everyone’s blogs are separate.  I imported comments from other blogs that referred to this blog, for instance.  Hopefully it all makes sense now.

If you look through and can’t find anything relating to Alistair Watkins, fear not!  Those episodes still exist on YouTube, and importing a bunch of posts with just a bunch of links to videos makes no sense.  Here’s my favourite:

Yep, I had an incredible amount of hair and a terrible fake accent (hard to maintain a fake accent during a single ad-lib take).

Here’s the YouTube playlist, all 17 videos of terrible wonderfulness.  Oh, what fun we had!