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I said that I could take the metaphor of Comcast even farther.  I shall.

God doesn’t like automated systems.  He wants to speak to a real human.  He doesn’t like that we keep ignoring him.  He’s tried every route except “discontinuing service”.  He’s thought about it, but he can’t stand the thought of leaving us.  We don’t even give God a way to bestow on us the simplest of blessings (not even an automated credit card phone payment system, in case I’m too vague).  We advertise all over that we’re Christians, trying to prove to others that we have a connection with God.  Perhaps we truly believe that we have a line open just for Him, but when He tries to tell us, we refuse to believe that and go right on blocking His attempts.

When God doesn’t give us what we need/want, we tack on extra “past due” fees.  If God doesn’t give us all we want now, He’d better give us an extra blessing when He does get around to it, we think.

If you like, keep making comparisons.  I think there’s a reason I had to go through it all.